Student Services


The institution defines the characteristics of the students it seeks to enroll and provides an environment that contributes to their cultural, social, moral, intellectual, and physical development. Student services and programs are based upon an assessment of students’ needs, support the achievement of their educational goals, and are consistent with the institution’s mission.


In order to meet the standard 5, Zaman University has implemented the following Offices:

Student affairs Office - deals with the admission and all the administrative aspects of student experience;

Student Support Unit – supervising all the works of the Academic and Skills Development Center, Career Center, Student Council, Alumni Association and Clubs & Cultural Events.

Academic and Skills Development Center - provides academic support and monitor drop out and low performances as well as satisfaction of the students;

Career Office - helps the students in academic counseling, master scholarships, and career development.

Student Council - students can be involved in the affairs of the schools through the student council.

Alumni Association - holding events to make reunions for old friends and graduate students.

Clubs & Cultural Activities - providing the opportunity to become engaged in the school, to gain a deeper sense of belonging and enhance their learning in a co-curricular setting.


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